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Product Warranties - (Warranty Registration link to activate your guarantee for your new ETECH TOOL product.) Please complete the online product registration form within 7 days after receiving your product.

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Standard Warranty Terms & Conditions

- Your new ETECH TOOLS product is guaranteed against electrical and mechanical faults arising from defective materials or components, or a manufacturing defect. The warranty starts from the date of original purchase of the product for a period of 12 months.
- This warranty is in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer and in no way diminishes or seeks to diminish these statutory rights. It is possible that your statutory rights may offer additional or higher levels of protection than those offered under the terms of this warranty in certain circumstances. If you have any questions about these rights, you should contact Us.
- This warranty applies to products in normal domestic and commercial use at a residential or commercial address.
- Separate warranties also apply for ‘graded’ and ex display appliances.

What is covered by the warranty

- Repairs required to the product as a result of manufacturing defects, or defective materials or components.
- Functional mechanical/electrical replacement parts necessary to repair a product.
- Cost of an ETECH TOOLS approved engineer to carry out the repair.

What is not covered by the warranty

-Transit or delivery damage.
- Damage caused by adverse weather.
- Cosmetic damage such as dents or scratches.
- Repair or replacement of any cosmetic or consumable item such as cables, connectors, LCD screen, handles, straps, chargers, bulbs, camera lenses etc.
- Damage to fragile or glass components such as cables, connectors, LCD screen, handles, straps, chargers, bulbs, camera lenses etc.
- Any parts which have become worn, discoloured or damaged, including damage caused by incorrect use or cleaning.
- Faults arising due to inadequate cleaning such as dirt, mould, grease, spillages, oil, etc.
- Scratches and chips to device surfaces caused by inappropriate use.
- When the exchange or replacement of a product will result in an aesthetic mismatch with existing fitted products (for example where existing adjacent products might have non-matching side strips, or different facia spacing, or be a different colour shade), ETECH TOOLS is not responsible for replacing other products that are not defective in order to achieve a visual match, or for any costs associated with achieving an aesthetic match between devices.
- Repairs necessary as a direct or indirect result of:
- Accidental damage, misuse or abuse of a product.
- An attempted repair or the modification of a product by anyone other than an ETECH TOOLS authorised engineer.
- Installation or use of a product where such installation or use fails to meet the requirements specified in this warranty or the instruction manual supplied with the product.
- This warranty is limited to the cost of repairing the product. To the extent permitted by law, ETECH TOOLS does not accept and cannot be held liable for any financial loss incurred in connection with the failure of any product. Such financial loss includes but is not limited to loss arising from:
- Consequential loss or damage, except where such liability is legally mandatory.
- Time taken off work, for example to facilitate an engineer visit.
- Compensation for any inconvenience.
- Using OEM software and ECU reprogramming/coding can be very dangerous. Even a minor glitch occurred in the hardware or slow internet can cause serious damage to the ECU.
We make no representations about the results to be obtained from using the Applications. The usage of the Applications and content is at your (the person who uses it) own risk. You further agree that We shall not be held responsible for any action you take leading to failures of the Applications, damage to the Vehicle ECU and in such cases you agree that We shall not be held responsible for any type of losses that may occur to you. We DO NOT sell or support OEM programs