ObdStar Key Master DP Plus Key Programming Diagnostic Tool

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Car IMMO | Moto IMMO | ODO | ECU Flasher | ECU Clone

Hardware Advantages

  • Three options available: GREEN - BLACK - ORANGE (the same functionality)
  • Built-in VCI box
  • 8-inch touch screen
  • Charge directly via OBD interface
  • Practical and high-end gift box
  • Industrial design with silicone case
  • Back bracket design: prop on the steering wheel or stand on the table
  • P001 programmer: EEPROM adapter + RFID adapter + key renew adapter
  • Add the clip of reading SOP 8 PIN EEPROM
  • C001/C002 circuit board to read and write chip data with welding
  • IMMO induction coil to detect the key induction coil failure of the vehicle
  • Add wiring harness of ECU reading by OBD (for ECU cloning and switch activation)

Software Advantages


  • Renew key
  • Key programming
  • Remote programming

Cluster Calibrate: 

  • Wild vehicle coverage


  • Realize all vehicle systems diagnosis

Advanced Functions

Support MAZDA CX30 2020,MAZDA3 2020 key programming(support AKL and free pincode)

Support PSA 2015- CONTINENTAL BSI-Q0X all keys lost reading pincode, DELPHI BSI read pincode by OBD in all keys lost, all series all years models key programming

Support RENAULT /DACIA proximity add keys(free pincode) for below models:

  • CAPTUR II 2021
  • CLIO V 2021
  • TRAFIC 2022

Support RENAULT /DACIA proximity key programming(free pincode) for below models:

  • TRIBBER 2018
  • ARKANA 2020
  • LOGAN 2020
  • MEGANE IV PH2 2020
  • NEW ZOE 2020
  • SANDERO 2020

Support RENAULT /DACIA blade/ proximity key programming(free pincode) for below models:

  • DUSTER PH3 2018

Support JEEP COMPASS 2021 proximity all parts number read pincode

Support CHRYSLER/ JEEP/ DODGE all series all years models key programming

Special Functions

  • Fuel injector
  • Gear learning
  • Battery matching
  • ECU programming
  • Throttle matching
  • Oil service reset
  • Steering angle reset
  • Remote manual setting
  • Electronic steering reset
  • CVT learning
  • value reset

ECU Clone

ECU Clone, means ECU Duplication

  • The device copies all the data from the original vehicle ECU, and then writes all data copied into ECU with the same hardware to realize the same ECU function
    with the original vehicle.

Clone directly when replacing a new or a used ECU

  • Without online matching in 4S store or removal of ECU bonding wire for reading and writing! Directly write without dismantling OBD.

Three features for ECU clone.

  • Free of 4S online: break monopoly from 4S, benefiting automobile maintenance industry
  • Simplified operation procedures: realize foolproof operation
  • Non-dismantling with zero risks: read and write data without dismantling ECU

Switch Activation Function

(Today many instruments or audio of vehicles activate secondary power supply to go into power-on status by relevant module CAN communication on the vehicle, but sometimes an instrument or an audio is separated from vehicle CANBUS network, causing startup failure when it needs to be repaired by an auto technician. This function can simulate CAN communication to activate secondary power supply, so the instrument or the audio enters into power-on status. In this way, it not only can test and verify the instrument or the audio, but also save an enormous cost for an auto technician to purchase a large number of startup platforms of various vehicles and wiring harnesses!)

Help Functions

  • including built-in testable vehicle models, upgrade announcement, features, help notes and wiring diagrams etc
  • Carlist and upgrade announcement, all details are available on the device
  • Customers can look up the features or uniquely support functions on the device
  • Help notes: built-in help notes for each model or function
  • Wiring diagrams: built-in ECU wiring diagrams, more intuitionistic and convenient


A Package

  • Immobilizer +special function(EEPROM+ key renewing) adapter(P001 programmer +C001 circuit board +C002 circuit board +W001 cable +W002 data cable +W003 data cable +converter)
    +others(ignition coil +remote tester)

B Package

  • Immobilizer +special function(EEPROM +key renewing) +mileage correction +adapter(P001 programmer +C001 circuit board +C002 circuit board +W001 data cable +W002 data cable +W003 data cable +converter)
    +others(ignition coil +remote tester)

C Package

  • Immobilizer +mileage correction +diagnosis +special function(oil reset +ABS +battery matching +ECU programming +EPB +throttle programming +airbag reset +TPMS +steering angle reset +OBDII +DPF + injector code
    +supension matching +gear learning +CVT learning +EEPROM +key renewing +ECU cloning) adapter(P001 programmer +C001 circuit board +C002 circuit board +W001 data cable +W002 data cable +W003 data cable +converter) +others(ignition coil +remote tester)



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