Eucleia Automotive Digital Multimeter

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Eucleia V200A Automotive Digital Multimeter

Compatible with all functions of ordinary multimeters, adding pulse, duty cycle, flash-light, strong magnetic adsorption, temperature detection and other functions. The whole machine is well-designed, easy to operate, accurate reading, true effective value, full symbol display, and complete functions. New software design, automatic calibration with software, high accuracy, good stability, new protective cover, large suction magnetic function, large screen liquid crystal display, especially with backlight function and flash-light function, suitable for operation in low light environment . The input terminal of the "V" port is connected with a PTC thermal element, the core component of a logarithmic meter, and the protection of the function/range switch is particularly sufficient, which greatly improves the safety and service life of the product. It can measure DC voltage, current, AC voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature, rotating speed, closing angle, lamp test, positive and negative pulse, crystal diode, transistor parameters and circuit on-off, etc. It is an ideal measuring tool.


1. Strong magnetic adsorption function, it is convenient for car maintenance personnel to operate
2. Flashlight, adapt to working in dark environment
3. The capacitance and resistance can be automatically ranged, and the maximum capacitance can be tested 10000UF
4. AC and DC voltage auto range
5. Circuit measurement and light test function
6. Car speed and closing angle test
7. Pulse function detection (6HZ-10MHZ)
8. Battery measurement function
9. Duty cycle measurement
10. Backlight display, lock function, channel buzzer and other functions
11. Car temperature and air conditioning temperature detection
12. Maximum 6000 counts display


Low power consumption CMOS dual integral A/D conversion integrated circuit, automatic zero calibration, automatic polarity display, data retention, low battery and over-range indication
Basic DC accuracy: ±0.5%(6000 counts display)  
Capacitance measurement: 10pF ~ 100mF  
Temperature measurement: -40℃ ~ 1000℃  
Protection function: Full range overload protection function
Backlight function: Suitable for operation in low light environment
Auto shutdown function: Automatically shut down after 15 minutes
Maximum display: 5999(6000 counts display)  
LCD display: 63X40mm large screen, high contrast, full symbol display, character height 25mm, clear and beautiful
Voltage: One 9V battery (NEDA1604, 6F22 type or equivalent)
Low battery indication: Display the "battery" symbol on the left of the LCD
Dimensions: 180x88x53mm
Weight: 359g
Working temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃
Relative humidity: <85%
Storage temperature: -10℃ ~ 50℃
Guaranteed accuracy temperature: 23℃ ±5℃

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