Power Probe PPH1 The Hook Ultimate Circuit Tester

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Power Probe PPH1 The Hook Ultimate Circuit Tester with Smart Tip

You can easily master the power features of the MIN/MAX for Voltage, Current and Resistance measurements that will enhance your diagnostic ability. We didn't stop there because measuring Peak-Peak Voltage, Frequency, Positive and Negative Pulse Width and Duty Cycle are all part of a thorough electrical diagnostic tool. Now let's draw your attention to the hook shaped housing. It is the perfect shape for hooking it to hoses, wires, brackets or bolts so it stays put and won't slip off the fender. Bottom line: You will fix more cars easier, smarter and more powerfully by using the Power Probe Hook.

HOT SHOT MODE - Load tests power and ground connections and gives you a quick pass or fail result.
ADJUSTABLE CIRCUIT BREAKER - Can be adjusted and set from 2 amps to 65 amps. This feature lets you work in sensitive circuits to heavy loads with confidence.
VOLTAGE REFERENCE SUPPLY MODE - Supplies from 0 to 5 volts in half volt increments to the probe tip. This feature can provide a known reference (that is good) voltage to simulate sensors. It's a great compliment to your OBD scanner. The display shows both the set voltage and the tip voltage, so you can see if there is a short in the circuit.
POWER SWITCH PREFERENCES - Lets you supply constant power (no more holding the button down), pulse power or momentary power into the circuit you are testing. Maintaining continuous power on a circuit without needing to hold your finger on the power switch is one of the many advantages you will experience by using the Power Probe Hook's latching feature. It's great for testing circuit loads and voltage drop tests. Finding a buried or hidden component can be very time consuming. The Hook's power switch can be set to pulse a components circuit on and off while you devote your attention to searching it out.
THE DUAL CONTINUITY TESTER - Will allow you to test multi-pole relay contacts while you simultaneously measure the coil resistance.

Min Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
Max Operating Voltage: 48 VDC
Max Operating Temp: 50°
Max Storage Temp: 70°
Voltage Measurement: 0 - 99.9 VDC/VAC
Ohms Measurement: .001 Ohms - 15 Meg Ohms
Amps Measurement: .001 Amps - 99.9 Amps
Max Continuous Load: 25 Amps
Max Intermittent Load: 65 Amps for 8 Sec.
Hook Up Cables: 10 Gauge

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